Avengers Symbol Stud Earrings

Avengers Symbol Stud Earrings

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How about you class up those ears of yours with the top-notch .25 inch diameter Avengers Symbol Stud Earrings! Featuring the red symbol from Marvel's super team, the Avengers Symbol Stud Earrings is a fine pair of earrings that will let everybody know that you thoroughly enjoy the assembled group of heroes. Those guys really don't get thanked enough so the best way to show your support is through this fine set of ear-adornments! They call them that, right?

316 Stainless Steel is the preferred steel where bio-compatibility is required (such as body implants and piercings). The "L" means that the carbon content of the alloy is below 0.03%, which reduces the sensitization effect. 316 steel has .08 Max carbon content while 316L has a .03 Max carbon content. Stainless steel does not contain, corrode, or rust as easily as ordinary steel. Though it will not oxidize or turn black, it is still not "stain-proof."

We cannot accept exchanges and refunds on body piercings. That stuff was in your body! Ewww!

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  • Sku: earavengsymstud
  • Color: Red
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Avengers Symbol Stud Earrings

submitted 9 months ago

Petites et discrètes. Je les adore.

Shiran Grady
Ramat HaSharon, Israel
submitted 11 months ago


Prince Edward Island, CA
submitted 11 months ago

A great buy!

Violet, Purple Avenger
Buffalo Grove, IL
submitted 1 year ago

I feel super with these on.

Angela, Marvel Fangal
submitted 3 years ago

Normally I prefer dangly ear-rings, but these Avengers symbol studs are amazing. They go with just about any and everything, and add that subtle touch of geekery.

Bobby Martin
East Brunswick, NJ
submitted 3 years ago

This set of earrings is a nice way to show your Love for The Avengers! They're colorful,sturdy,and a great bargain for the price. Each time I've worn them someone has commented on them!

Marvel movies fan
overcast city in Michigan
submitted 3 years ago

I really enjoy wearing these earrings. My ears are very sensitive to base metals, but these didn't cause any negative reaction. They are so comfortable I forget they're in. No swelling or irritation at all. Plus, they're small enough for the design to be subtle from a distance. Perfect for everyday wear.