Batman GCPD Blue 59Fifty Hat


DJ Kento
San Francisco, CA

I'm a big time fitted hat junkie. My collection is well into the several dozens. With the GCPD hat comes a high level of authenticity, so much so that people have asked me if I'm a cop or was a cop while I'm wearing it. I then have to explain that "no it's Gotham City, I'm a big comic book nerd" The patch, which is clearly the center piece is incredibly well made with lots of accents, really tight stitching and looks down right real. Unlike most comic book related hats this one doesn't give a wink or a nod as to what it's from. There's nothing but the GCPD patch, the new-era flag on the side and that's it. There's no GOTHAM or BATMAN on the back, nothing to clue in anyone that it's from DC Comics and that's what makes it so unique and special After Batman: No Man's Land I was really into The Boys in Blue and the way Jim Gordon ran the police department like an insurgent gang of militants. This is a perfect way to show my love for those characters who are never quite given enough respect. Oh and the fit is perfect.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.