Batman Patch Symbol Baseball Cap
Batman Patch Symbol Baseball Cap The Side
Batman Patch Symbol Baseball Cap The Back
Batman Patch Symbol Baseball CapBatman Patch Symbol Baseball Cap The SideBatman Patch Symbol Baseball Cap The Back

Batman Patch Symbol Hat

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Made from 100% Cotton, this black baseball cap features a stitched, oval, yellow Batman symbol because...well, just because!  This One Size Fits Most, Batman baseball cap for adults also features a velcro strap for closure and.....yep, the Bat Symbol!  Does Batman himself ever don this cap?  Only in the last inning, when the Gotham Knights are down by 2,  it's two outs and Superman's pitching sub-light fastballs. Looks like it's all up to Batman and his trusty Kryptonite baseball bat!  Nosebleed so soon , Clark?

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  • Sku: capbatshredsymbl
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: DC
  • Hat Attributes: Snapback, Symbol/Logo, Adjustable, Rounded Bill

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Reviews of Batman Patch Symbol Hat

Batman Fangirl
Ottawa, Ontario
submitted 5 years ago

The yellow colouring doesn't really look like it does in the photo and the stitching isn't very good quality. As I pulled it out of the packaging, I saw several strands of thread surrounding the symbols border that I could easily pull out. The hat itself fit fine and comfortably but I ended up buying a better quality hat off of eBay and ended up giving the hat to my brother in law who has just a big a batman obsession as I do. I'm sure not every product is like this (the monokini I bought previously is fantastic. You just have to be careful about buying online I guess. Not everything is what it appears.

Charlotte, NC
submitted 6 years ago

I love collecting Batman hats. Not because I like hats, but because of the recession the Batsignal isn't covered under Duke Energy's equal payment plan. I am endowed with the task of waving my hat around at Wayne Enterprises in hopes that Bruce Wayne sees the signal and goes to the aid of the less fortunate. I love this hat!

submitted 6 years ago

perfect fit and lots of compliments on it

submitted 6 years ago

love it