Batman Symbol Webbed Seatbelt Belt

Batman Symbol Webbed Seatbelt Belt

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You know what is a great way to express one's opinions? Belts and buckles! I bet you were going to say something strange like words and art, but pffffttt! That has totally been done. This is the 21st Century - where people let everybody else know how they feel through properly accessorizing. Do you agree with me? Do you like the Batman? Well, check out this Batman Symbol Webbed Seatbelt Belt! This is easily one of the nicest web belts we have. The web material itself is soft, yet durable and the closure(reminiscent of a seat belt in a car or plane) is dense and made of a high quality metal! Centered on the buckle, and paced throughout the belt is the immediately recognizable Batman symbol. You knew you were going to get the Batman Symbol Webbed Seatbelt Belt before you even finished reading this. Add to cart!

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  • Sku: beltbatseatbelt
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Batman Symbol Webbed Seatbelt Belt

Los Angeles
submitted 4 years ago

All of these buckle belts are great!

submitted 5 years ago

It is a very sturdy belt just like in a car, maybe a little narrower. Will fit a male size 46 snuggly but worth it

Paterson, NJ
submitted 5 years ago

I love this belt. I get compliments every day!

Levis, CA
submitted 6 years ago

I never felt more alive since I proudly wear this belt!! Thx!!

Fargo, ND
submitted 6 years ago

Serving Justice in style!

submitted 6 years ago

Stylish, excellent quality, and solid. But keep in mind the loop thing used to adjust the size makes this harder to get through belt loops, but that's only a problem if you're in a rush.

submitted 6 years ago

Looks awesome, everyone who sees it is jealous.

dp, sideshow collector
submitted 6 years ago

awesome belt, totally adjustable to any size for when you put on or lose some lbs., pretty much indestructible I think, glad I finally purchased one.

submitted 6 years ago

The most styling way to keep your pants on. And easy to undo when you need to take them off quick