Batman Bobble Head Computer Sitter

Batman Bobble Head Computer Sitter

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Measuring 4.5" high, this little Bobble Head Batman figure is made, specifically, to sit right on your computer monitor!  That's why it's called..a computer sitter!  This little Batman Bobble Head features an adhesive base allowing it to stick to your monitor and......scrutinize you.  And your lack of ninja skills.  This Batman computer sitter fits most monitors and...bobs it's little head in discontent.  It does that an awful lot.

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  • Sku: compsitbatbob
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Batman Bobble Head Computer Sitter

submitted 3 years ago

Very cool Batman!! Ordered for my boyfriend and for a good friend as a gifts.. and both are enthusiastic :-)

Ruby Merchant
submitted 4 years ago

It finally arrived to my mailbox!After long weeks of waiting it finally turned up.It´s been recently christmas season and the mail reception was going slow,y´a know? It is one of the coolest gadgets I have ever acquired,the only problem I found was that my monitor screen was too flat,MY BAD and I could not sit it there,I made up my mind and I found a far better place for it,I have placed it on top of my sitting room´s wardrobe and the change was worth the shot.It is SO COOL that I cannot take my eyes off of it and each time I get close I cannot help myself and I feel like throwing punches to his face compulsively but the beauty of it is that he never replies a thing back!!He might moan or something!!"And then they say to not have THE BAT pissed off"….If he is as dangerous as a baby crying in the night!!(Chuckle)he never seems to move a muscle, HOW COME!!without the mention of the head issue of course(Chuckle) ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

Orange, CA
submitted 5 years ago

Only problem I had is the head doesn't bobble too much, but whatever I love it. It's sitting on my monitor at work.