Black Boots Gotham Style For Men


Black Boots Gotham Style For Men

Black Boots Gotham Style For Men



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"What makes us any different than you? We just want to help!" "I'm not wearing hockey masks". Well, Dark Knight, you don't have to be so snide about it! Everybody wants to be Batman...didn't you start some kind of incorporation with this idea? It is such a pity to berate those guys at the beginning of the Dark Knight. Oh well. We are a bit more supportive than that and offer the great 100% synthetic leather Black Boots Gotham Style For Men! With a 1 inch heel and that sheik black leather look, you'll be tempted to swing from rooftop to rooftop and pounce on villainy in alleys! You'll need some more training though, as awesome as these boots are. With a zipper up the back and going up to slightly below the knee, the Black Boots Gotham Style For Men can help you finish off your cosplay or Halloween costume with the perfect choice in footwear! I suppose you could wear them around the house...but you need to promise me you'll have a cape on.

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Reviews of Black Boots Gotham Style For Men

4.0 (Based on 3 reviews)
Lord Helmet

Very comfortable boots, which I needed for when I’m in costume and on my feet for hours. I actually wear these with my Darth Vader costume, and they work wonderfully. Easy to get on and off. The quality is much better than the last set of costuming boots I got, which fell apart after wearing them once. So from Batman to Dark Lord of the Sith, these are excellent boots.

Submitted 6 years ago

Good quality for the price. They're enjoyable to wear. I honestly don't think you should wear them day to day, but I'll pass them off as snow boots come winter. Ppl be like wtf...Ill be like They're my Batsnowboots, recognize ! No regrets if you're a Huge Batman fan. :)

Submitted 3 years ago
Coeur d' Alene, ID

They were a great addition to my batman costume for a masquerade party I attended. My ONLY issue was they run a bit big in size. Just order a size down and they will be perfect.

Submitted 3 years ago

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