Batman Vintage Knit Boxers
Batman Vintage Knit Boxers- Flat View
Batman Vintage Knit Boxers- Back View Flat
Batman Vintage Knit Boxers- Close Up Front
Batman Vintage Knit Boxers- Back View Close Up
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Batman Vintage Knit BoxersBatman Vintage Knit Boxers- Flat ViewBatman Vintage Knit Boxers- Back View FlatBatman Vintage Knit Boxers- Close Up FrontBatman Vintage Knit Boxers- Back View Close UpSize Chart

Batman Vintage Knit Boxers

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Batman needs to maintain his naming convention at all costs. He has the Batmobile and batarangs, but did you know about the Bat tooth brush, Bat crock-pot, and the Bat pocket knife? Even more secretive than that is the Batman Vintage Knit Boxers, or Bat-boxers for short! Nobody has ever really had a chance to see them...well, except maybe Talia...or Catwoman but not any of us non-super powered villains have ever gotten a glimpse. I think Batman might have a penchant for bad girls! If that sounds like it is up your ally, you may want to get the 100% Batman Vintage Knit Boxers!

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  • Sku: boxrsbatvintgknit
  • Color: Grey-Dark
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Distressed, Symbol

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Reviews of Batman Vintage Knit Boxers

Washington DC
submitted 5 years ago

I LOVED this product. I used it for 'No Pants on the Metro Day' here in Washington DC. I got lots of requests for pictures. There were other 'Batman' themed boxers and underwear out there, but mine was the best. The large logo led to my picture being in 'The Washington Post', 'The Huffington Post', 'DCist', and a couple others. Full credit to the Bat Signal in the front. And it felt very comfortable.

submitted 5 years ago

So cute. Got them for my daughter as sleep shorts and are super cute on her. She is tall and thin but the medium fit just right as pjs.

submitted 5 years ago

Very soft and cool look! Boyfriend loves them!

submitted 5 years ago

Great product.

Ernest the man with a Green Lantern Wedding Ring
Barrow, Alaska
submitted 5 years ago

I don't know who came up with Vintage wear but they fool everyone into thinking you've owned them for a long time!!

Pamela Carley
submitted 5 years ago

Buy these for your Batman fanatic, he will surely get a kick out of owning a replica of his hero's comfy boxers.