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Batman Button Symbol

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Gaze upon the 1.25 inch diameter Batman Button Symbol and...um...I think despair is the normal word used in this kind of scenario but I don't think that is what DC Comics' Dark Knight is particularly going for. Look at the Batman Button Symbol and giggle? No, that doesn't quite work out either. Look at the Batman Button Symbol and make your voice sound like your are gargling marbles? I don't think that is correct either but I think I'm getting closer. Either way, the Batman Button Symbol is still a great button for you fans of the Caped Crusader!

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  • Sku: buttonbatsmbl
  • Color: White
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Gift Bag

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Reviews of Batman Button Symbol

Julian Eton
Los Angeles
submitted 1 year ago

Love it

Phoenix, AZ
submitted 1 year ago

Just what I expected same as the picture.

Danielle Harper
Renfrew Ontario
submitted 2 years ago

I love that you have such a great button selection .. As always they are great .. last forever and make my purse cool !!

submitted 4 years ago

Pretty simple. A button with the Batman symbol on it. It works and I like it.

Ben T
submitted 5 years ago

It may sound morbid, but I bought 60 of these buttons for a memorial service to properly remember an artist influenced by comic art. They were perfect. Also, the customer service at Super Hero Stuff is Great!!

Grand Rapids, MI
submitted 6 years ago

This was exactly what we were looking for, and it arrived in a timely manner! THANKS!!

The Bat-Dude
ZONA! (Tucson, AZ)
submitted 6 years ago

What do you really say??? Flash em your killer interior of your hoodie, yo! My play clothes look so cool in a heap in supermodels' bedrooms when this Bat-Button is exposed....DANG!

los angeles,ca
submitted 6 years ago

It was small but it was the missing piece it was greatly appreciated since they're hard to find!