Batman Image iPhone 5 Hard Case

Batman Image iPhone 5 Hard Case

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You know Batman uses a cell phone case. All of that jumping around, fighting his rather large Rogue's Gallery, and nights where he meets Catwoman for a 'rooftop game of twister'. I think that's what was going on anyways. The Dark Knight's choice in protection for his fancy Iphone is the lightweight and durable Batman Image iPhone 5 Hard Case! Sure, it might be a little vain for Batman to use the Batman Image iPhone 5 Hard Case as his cell phone case, but when he's out as Bruce Wayne people just think he's a fan! Swooosh!

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  • Sku: cellbatimghrdip5
  • Color: celliPhone
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Batman Image iPhone 5 Hard Case

Biggest Batman Fan Ever
Oklahoma City, OK
submitted 5 years ago

Overall, this is one AMAZING case. But the back tends to peel a little from everyday wear and tear. I've never dropped it or anything like that,and you can already kind of tell that it's a few months old. Other than that though it's an amazing case, doesn't add any bulk to your phone at all. And it's Batman, so why wouldn't you buy this?

Dave, Comic Illustrator
Stoney Creek, ON
submitted 5 years ago

Love it, protects my phone and makes it look bad @$$ Wonderful customer service. Very helpful and quick with communication. THANK YOU!