Batman Symbol Nite Lite

Batman Symbol Nite Lite

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This Batman Nite Lite features the highly recognizable Bat Symbol with an automatic light sensor, so it turns itself on and off.  Reminds a kid of the Bat Signal in Gotham City. Of Course, Batman will only show up when a kid can't sleep..to scare him into sleeping.  Yep, that's how Batman operates.

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  • Sku: nitebatsymbol
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Batman Symbol Nite Lite

Nanna T
Adelaide, Australia
submitted 2 years ago

Great product, Australian buyers need to know that a converter is required to plug in.

kayla good
fremont oh
submitted 5 years ago

I enjoyed the product, but the picture won't stay in the slot. Kinda aggravates me that it won't stay it. Though the product of the light itself is great

Superherostuff.com response:

Sorry to hear that, we haven't had that problem with any of the others, you may have received a bad one. Please feel free to contact our customer service department for a replacement.

Big Sister
submitted 5 years ago

My little sister and I share a room. She's a bit afraid of the dark so I decided to get her a nite lite. Now, she also happens to be obsessed with the Flash, so I asked her if she wanted a Flash nite lite. Her exact reply was, "I would, but Batman protects people at night, so I want a Batman nite lite." So I got it and it worked out great!