Batman Flat Stainless Steel Ring

Batman Flat Stainless Steel Ring

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With the growing worldwide Batmen organization, it is important to be able to identify with your fellow compatriots. You never know when that guy taking your order at Burger King is really a Batman in disguise. What about that cop that just pulled you over? Oh yeah, he's definitely a Batman. Good ol' Bruce Wayne setting up franchises all over the world, guess he is looking to branch out! Either that or he just wants to take a moment to himself. 15 minute power naps is no way to spend what little 'free time' one has left. Show your membership to a growing number of crime fighters with this one-of-a-kind stainless steel ring adorned with the black and yellow Batman symbol! Now you can run around and say in an intensely gruff voice, "I''M BATMAN!"  This reflective Batman ring comes in specific ring sizes, so knowing one's ring size will help us both enjoy your ring-wearing experience!

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Reviews of Batman Flat Stainless Steel Ring

submitted 5 years ago

The black started peeling off the bat within a week and I hadn't even worn it that much.