Batman Utility Belt Crew Socks
Batman Utility Belt Crew Socks-Flat View
Batman Utility Belt Crew SocksBatman Utility Belt Crew Socks-Flat View

Batman Utility Belt Crew Socks

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Made from an astounding combination of 67% cotton, 28% polyester, and 5% spandex, these black socks feature the astounding, always intimidating Bat Symbol, as well as an illustrated utility belt encircling the forefoot. And yes, the forefoot is a thing. I would link to a diagram, but I would prefer you stick around and complete your purchase.

So, your plain old Batman socks are just that: plain, and a little old. Okay, they're very old. Might I suggest an upgrade? A more than comparable pair of Batman socks including, yes, the dependable Batman Symbol AND an illustrated iteration of Batman's famously useful utility belt? Does this sound appealing to you? 

What if I told you the utility belt was functional and included a toe-sized Batarang, and perhaps a handful of Chiclets®? Okay, it isn't and it doesn't, but what if I told you it is and did? Still on the fence?

Sized to fit shoe sizes 6-12, we implore you to buy these Batman socks or Batman leaves your neighborhood off the nightly patrol schedule. Since King Shark lives 3-blocks s away, I would recommend purchasing these socks now-ish.

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  • Sku: sockbatutblt
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Symbol, Exclusive

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Reviews of Batman Utility Belt Crew Socks

submitted 1 year ago

I got these for free and I love them! Wish my feets weren't so small. These are giant socks.

Winnipeg, MB
submitted 1 year ago

Purchased these for my fiancé for our wedding, along with others for the groomsmen. Very happy!!!!!!

Andrew, The Dark Knight
Mobile, AL
submitted 2 years ago

Socks look and feel great! The logo is vibrant and bright.