Arkham City Hugo Strange Obey Order T-Shirt
Arkham City Hugo Strange Obey Order T-Shirt- Close Up
Arkham City Hugo Strange Obey Order T-ShirtArkham City Hugo Strange Obey Order T-Shirt- Close Up

Arkham City Hugo Strange Obey Order T-Shirt

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Made from 100% Cotton, this black t-shirt features a purposely distressed image of Hugo Strange in silhouette from the neck up, set in simulated, worn signage adorned with the Arkham City logo and the denoted "suggestion" that one should obey order. Well, it's really not a suggestion. Although, I don't think order is something Arkham City's denizens seriously regard. Batman is going to change that. He's going to enforce order in the hit video game, Arkham City! How? All those who practice and perpetuate disorder will receive..... Batman's patented Blue Turtle Fist  technique. It's not pretty; it pretty much ends the effectiveness of one's bowel control. Ahem. Anyway, yeah, Hugo Strange is a baddie in Arkham City, the sequel to Arkham Asylum. He's one of those guys who blatantly ignores the signage.

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  • Sku: tsarkcitobeyposter
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Distressed, Image

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Reviews of Arkham City Hugo Strange Obey Order T-Shirt

submitted 5 years ago

If I had seen the t shirt before buying it online, I wouldn't have paid as much for it as the quality of the material isn't good, having said that, it was for my daughter who is a big batman fan and she loves it so I am happy.

Superherostuff.com response:

Sorry to hear you weren't happy with the quality but very glad your daughter liked it! Thanks for the feedback.

Detroit, MI
submitted 6 years ago

Amazing quality shirt for the money. The image is great looking with the faded style. Got this shirt on sale which is always a plus and it also arrived a day early.

submitted 6 years ago

Let me start off by saying how AWESOME it is to finally own a shirt of a lesser known Batman villain. Thank goodness- with a sea of Joker shirts, its great to have some variety. With that said, I was really disappointed by the quality of the print/image on the shirt- it is significantly more faded than it appears on-line and the texture makes the shirt feel bulky/heavy when you wear it. I'm afraid to wash it because it may just fade even more. It was a great effort and I appreciate the shirts design and choice of imagery (i'm a bad batfan, i still need to finish the game!) so better luck next time.