Batman Gotham City Police T-Shirt
Batman Gotham City Police T-Shirt - Back View
Batman Gotham City Police T-Shirt - Close Up
Batman Gotham City Police T-Shirt - Back View Close Up
Batman Gotham City Police T-Shirt
 Batman Gotham City Police T-Shirt - Superhero Sighting
 Batman Gotham City Police T-Shirt - Superhero Sighting
Batman Gotham City Police T-Shirt Batman Gotham City Police T-Shirt - Back ViewBatman Gotham City Police T-Shirt - Close UpBatman Gotham City Police T-Shirt - Back View Close UpBatman Gotham City Police T-Shirt  Batman Gotham City Police T-Shirt - Superhero Sighting Batman Gotham City Police T-Shirt - Superhero Sighting

Batman Gotham City Police T-Shirt

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*Knock Knock* Joker! Come out with your hands up and all of your funky little items on the ground! SPLAT! You know that has to be one of the roughest jobs in the world. Working the Gotham City police beat. Real world police have to deal with crackheads, sickos, and jaywalkers. Gotham Cops? Costumed freak jobs, super powered evil, and world shattering apocalyptic events. Count your blessings that you aren't unlucky enough to live in Gotham City! A few cans of gas and some gunpowder and that town turns itself upside down by just a single man. Maybe when the legion of Batmen show up the Gotham City Police can take a day or two off. Right now it is mandatory 80 hours overtime a week! Show off your support with this 100% cotton shirt proudly displaying your membership in one of the most dangerous police forces in the world.

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  • Sku: tsbatgothampopo
  • Color: Blue-Navy
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Front/back print, Symbol, Exclusive

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Reviews of Batman Gotham City Police T-Shirt

JesseJames Antonelli
Fort Lauderale, FL.
submitted 3 years ago

You just cannot get anything that looks and feels more like the real thing than this. Graphics are nice and large, Really good emblem on the front and the back of the shirt will definitely get second looks and turn heads. Fine quality but my XL ran a little larger than I'm used to.( Not complaining.)

submitted 3 years ago

I'm staying in singapore. Ordered my item on the 27th Feb and received it yesterday 11th March. I must say that was very fast given the far location. Totally loved the shirt! Will be ordering more items! Thank you Superherostuffs.com :))

submitted 4 years ago

I first tried to get a GCPD shirt from Redbubble.com. It arrived with the design, which should have been over my chest (different design) crooked and over my left kidney. The quality was low too. This, however, is a Hanes shirt, good quality, fits like it's supposed to, and is an awesome subtle fan shirt. I'm going to wear the snot out of it.

Jessy jezzy5569
Los Angeles, CA
submitted 4 years ago

Great product feels great looks great watch out GCPD is in town!!!

submitted 4 years ago

Love it! How about a Gotham EMS/EMT shirt??

Brantford, ON
submitted 4 years ago

The print/logo is very well done and totally resembles a police shirt. The shirt fits very well (once you wash it). My only complaint would have to be that the shirt isn't a "certified DC" shirt. The logo is printed on a Hanes Shirt. Other than that, the shirt rocks!

Superhero Fan
Norwalk, CT
submitted 4 years ago

When I showed this tee to a co-worker. he said "you'd better not wear that in the hood, ha ha". But seriously, when I actually called his bluff and did it, I had to tell several people " relax, Gotham City doesn't really exist." It is a good quality tee. I'll only wear it in the summer when people can see it.

John Tuttle
Fort Worth, Tx
submitted 5 years ago

Got it to wear as a costume, and people thought I was an actual cop. Love this shirt, get tons of positive comments. Wash it inside out to make the prints last longer

Fort Worth,Tx
submitted 5 years ago

Love the shirt! I have nothing bad to say about it. The graphics are nice,it fits right and didn't shrink after I washed it.

New Zealand
submitted 5 years ago

My new favourite tshirt! I get plenty of comments when wearing it. Good quality material and printing.

Fort Knox
submitted 5 years ago

Great for those off duty Gothamite officers who want to show their pride in the blue they wear for work! Even The Batman will want one when he see's Commish Gordon wearing one!

Jim Gordon
submitted 6 years ago

When I first saw this T-shirt, I knew I had to have it. I had never seen anything like this (I don't think there are any other products like this...). I immediately got it for the new Dark Knight Rises opening night premier, and was the only one wearing it! I could see people looking at it and had multiple people comment on how cool it is. I wear it around and I still have people coming up to me commenting on it! Very cool shirt that looks authentic and will grab people's attention. A must have for any Batman fan!!

Gareth, Gotham fan
Kingston Upon Hull, UK
submitted 6 years ago

Superb GCPD replica shirt featuring chest shield and large Police Department print on the back. If you fancy yourself as the next Commissioner Gordon or beat cop John Blake you'll definately need one of these!

submitted 6 years ago

Got it in time for TDKR premier. Best. Purchase. Ever!!!