Batman Is Cooler T-Shirt


José Caqrlos Garcia
São Paulo, Brasil

A very nice batman's iten

Rubi,DC Comic books fan

I have just received it and I LOVE IT!!The design is a bit of the old school but it´s great.It really fits so well on me that it shows my muscles off!! It seems I´m wearing Batman´s costume too due to it´s faded grey color but what I love most is not just the impressive pic but the statements of the year which are totally true about Batman though I do not see eye to eye a little bit with the last one "he does not need super powers" he does not need ´em no doubt ´bout it, we are talking about THE BAT but sometimes it is truly the most likely case scenario ,don´t y´a think? Gadgets are all the rage "we all know that" but they are not sufficient for every context,aren´t they?Try that with your mom when she pesters you at the kitchen,the sitting room or anywhere else,could you get rid of her despite of having in your power these gadgets?(CHUCKLES).Having brains is where Batman excels at and his gadgets are tending a new trend so.....buckle your seatbelt and brace yourself for this must have Tee.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.