Dark Knight Rises Bane Rise T-Shirt

Dark Knight Rises Bane Rise T-Shirt
Dark Knight Rises Bane Rise T-Shirt - Close Up
Dark Knight Rises Bane Rise T-ShirtDark Knight Rises Bane Rise T-Shirt - Close Up

Dark Knight Rises Bane Rise T-Shirt

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Here's a black 100% cotton t-shirt from the long-awaited, highly-anticipated final film in Christopher Nolan's Bat-trilogy. The image is of Bane, as he appears to advance on his quarry, collar-flipped and calm, ready to inflict what we can only imagine will be some (perhaps?) back-breaking damage on somebody as the rain in Gotham falls mainly on..him. Sorry, we kinda had to say that, didn't we? Would you have respected us if we didn't? Or do you not because we did?

Anyway, the film's title and logo are across the shirt's bottom and the word "RISE" is across the top in large print, like it's a dare or something! The movie's called The Dark Knight Rises, silly! Do you think he won't or something?

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  • Sku: tsbatdkrbanerise
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Image

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I love this shirt , it's not super soft but it fits well and I wear it all the time . It will shrink a little bit but that's to be expected . If you wash it in a little bit of vinegar it will help set the color and soften the material.

Sorcha Quinn
Dublin, Ireland

Wearing it right now, am deffo getting more stuff off this website :D


Great quality shirt. I bought for my teenage son and he absolutely loves it!

Tiltonsville, OH

My boyfriend loves Bane, so I thought this shirt would be great. All the other ones no found I was not so fond of. The picture on the shirt is great, but it is about 4 inches shorter than the average size after washing. I doubt he wears it again because its now too short but i tried.


I'm really scared of buying online and don't usually do so, but I just HAD to have this shirt, and it was a great choice! The graphics are stellar and it lasts through the wash really well. I completely recommend it!!!


This was my sons favorite. He loved this shirt!


I bought this shirt and I can't wait to wear to see the dark knight rises (again)