Dark Knight Rises Batman Bane Sketch T-Shirt

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Our Dark Knight Rises Batman Bane Sketch T-Shirt presents a "sketched" rough image of Batman and Bane standing back-to-back and the cracked Bat symbol and logo from the film The Dark Knight Rises! Bane's obviously thinking the Caped Crusader doesn't notice him and probably won't get around to asking him to dance during the next slow number. Don't worry Bane! He's not ignoring you! It's just really difficult for him to turn his neck! Try tapping him on the shoulder if you don't believe us! No, really...this 100% cotton Dark Knight Rises t-shirt features two really tough guys...preparing to get in touch with their feelings by beating the snot out of each other. Then dancing.

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  • Color:Black
  • Sleeve Type:Short sleeve
  • Licensor:DC
  • Style Attributes:Image
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Excellent sketch and the size is a perfect fit.