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Batman Rebirth Suit Up Men's Bi-Fold Wallet



Batman Rebirth Suit Up Men's Bi-Fold Wallet



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When "DC REBIRTH" hit, Batman got an upgrade.

Specifically, a costume upgrade. Yep, when DC Comics decided to "undo" the big "redo" (i.e., The New 52), our beloved DC stalwarts were reunited with character-building continuity and gifted some ultra-modern threads.

Our Batman Rebirth Suit Up Men's Bi-Fold Wallet perfectly reflects Batman's latest Bat-wear with comic-accurate costume accents, and a black utility belt outlined in a thick, yellow border.

Yes, your new Batman wallet celebrates a re-ushering of classic comic goodness -- wrapped in stylish Bat-themed modernity -- in the following wonderful ways:

The exterior:

  • A simulated modern costume with stitched uniform accents!
  • Batman Symbol and belt highlighted in a raised, golden outline.

The interior:

  • The black, stitched interior features four card-slots on the right.
  • The left features two slots and a clear plastic sleeve for convenient ID placement.

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Reviews of Batman Rebirth Suit Up Men's Bi-Fold Wallet

3.0 (Based on 1 reviews)
Melbourne, Vic

overall product is good but the pockets inside the wallet are too tight and wouldn't fit my cards.

Submitted 1 year ago