Batman Symbol Tyvek Wallet
Batman Symbol Tyvek Wallet- Long View
Batman Symbol Tyvek Wallet- Opened View
Batman Symbol Tyvek Wallet- Angled View
Batman Symbol Tyvek Wallet- Flat View
Batman Symbol Tyvek Wallet- Top View
Batman Symbol Tyvek WalletBatman Symbol Tyvek Wallet- Long ViewBatman Symbol Tyvek Wallet- Opened ViewBatman Symbol Tyvek Wallet- Angled ViewBatman Symbol Tyvek Wallet- Flat ViewBatman Symbol Tyvek Wallet- Top View

Batman Symbol Tyvek Wallet

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Check out this amazing, 100% recyclable, eco-friendly wallet adorned with the highly recognizable Batman symbol! This ultra thin, innovative wallet is the combination of strength, simplicity and ecology; it's unlike any other thin wallet on the market today. The stitch-less, expandable design adjusts automatically as you fill it with cash, losing lotto tickets, etc.; it allows for a custom fit for your storage needs. You can even personalize the thing by writing or drawing on its water resistant surface (should probably use permanent markers for this)!

This Batman wallet uses low energy production methods and is very lightweight, reducing the amount of fuel used in shipping. These wallets are made using the same material used to make express mail envelopes but a much thicker grade. Try to rip this puppy and BE AMAZED by the unexpected resiliency! This ph neutral, Tyvek material is non-toxic, printed with SGS certified, environmentally friendly inks. Oh, and Tyvek is made with 25% Post-consumer material and is itself 100% recyclable! Batman likey!

Closed, this Batman wallet measures 4" across and 3.25" high. Open it up, it measures 8" across. Oh, and check out the cool Batman  graphic rendered by comic book luminary, Jim Lee, covering the inside of the wallet! This is a painfully unique item that actually helps the environment! Batman likey (again)!

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  • Sku: walletbatsymtyvek
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Batman Symbol Tyvek Wallet

Senior Voltron
Reading, PA
submitted 3 years ago

BEST WALLET EVER! Batman approves! Robin doesn't, but he's not Batman, so who cares what he thinks! Yes, he'll cry when you don't let him voice his opinion, but...SO WHAT! He can have an opinion when he starts paying rent! Batman OUT!

Happy mom
Berwyn, Il.
submitted 3 years ago

Great wallet

Kristen, present buyer
Perth, WA
submitted 5 years ago

I bought it as a present and the person loved it! No one else has a wallet like this, it's so unique and wonderful especially with the cartoon inside! The only thing is it needs more space to slot your cards into and then it would be a completely flawless product. Other than that it is exceptional, very happy with it :) Thankyou

Philadelphia, PA
submitted 6 years ago

It has a worn out look to it from the very beginning. You can kind of see the wrinkle lines in the picture, however they become prominent over a short period of time. Personally, I think it makes the wallet look vintage and cooler. I've had this wallet for about a year now. It's obviously worn but that is the intended look of the wallet, IMO. It is almost impossible to tear, unless you are intentionally trying to. Fits in my back pocket, which is surprising because I'm a 110lb female who always wears tight jeans. My last 3 wallets have been from the "mighty wallet" company because they keep releasing super awesome designs.

Los Angeles, CA
submitted 6 years ago

i think the concept and the artwork is AWESOME, but with that said after a week or so the wallet started fading. The quality of the product seems very low. It's been 2 months since i bought it, and i am already on the hunt for another Batman wallet that is worth the price i pay.