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Batman Pocket Watch
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Batman Pocket WatchBatman Pocket Watch-Size GuideBatman Pocket Watch-Open ViewBatman Pocket Watch-Back ViewBatman Pocket WatchBatman Pocket Watch-Box View

Batman Pocket Watch

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You'll have the perfect adornment for any sort of Wayne extravaganzas with the Batman Pocket Watch! Made of metal, the Batman Pocket Watch has a 12.5 inch long chain and measures around 2 inches in diameter. Just think of all the super sweet compliments you'll get for not only having the class to use a watch, but one that goes in your pocket...and it isn't a cell phone! You trendsetter you!

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  • Sku: wtchbatpocket
  • Color: Grey-Dark
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Batman Pocket Watch

submitted 1 year ago

Keeps time nicely and very great looking love the black finish.

Gift Giver
submitted 2 years ago

I bought this Batman Pocket Watch as a gift to my son who loves Batman and only uses a pocket watch. He is a very hard person to shop for because he is very particular about quality and how things look. He looked this over very carefully and absolutely loved it.

Windsor, Ontario Canada
submitted 3 years ago

The Bat-pocket watch is very well made. This watch was made with precision all the way. I have to say if your a Batfan like me this is a must have. This picture only shows only one dimension.When you hold it in your hand you will feel the quality and the great work man ship all through the watch. So get one and feel the Bat power in your hand, get one, Batdan.