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Captain America Bust Bank

Captain America Bust Bank

$15.99 Reg.$19.99
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Measuring nearly 7" high, 5.25" across from shoulder to shoulder and about 4.75" deep, this soft plastic bust bank features the visage of the Sentinel of Liberty himself, Captain America!  Captain America is absolutely the guy you want holding your money.  Why? He'll beat the hell out of anyone fool enough to take it, that's why.  You think that shield is for show?  Hell no!  You tell him that money was made by a hard working American trying hard to apply some excitement to a very droll economy and you will absolutely never have to fear for it's security EVER AGAIN!  EVER!  This bust bank is for you, Captain America fan!

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  • Sku: bankcapbust
  • Color: Blue
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Captain America Bust Bank

Jan Newkirk
Dutch Harbor Alaska
submitted 5 years ago

Very nice and sturdy. Only coplaint is that it took so long to get here.