Captain America For Class President Button

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Measuring 1.5" across in diameter, this off-white button asks that you support Captain America, the Sentinel of Liberty, for Class President.  Would I vote for Captain America?  Hells yeah!  Want to end the fighting in Afghanistan without deploying more US troops while making sure we get more basketballs for gym class?  Vote for Captain America! Want to end socialism and inspire floundering Americans to work and recharge the economy by offering more after school activities?   Well, then vote for freakin' Cap, baby! His running mate?  All of the Avengers! You want to show us how much you really want your school to succeed, you wear this Cap for class president pin and let the flaccid incumbency know that their reign of crap is over.  OVER!

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Marcus Strong
Denver, CO

I love it and I do wish that Captain America was running for President. WAIT! He already is in Marvel's The Ultimates! GO CAPT!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.