Captain America Big Shield Samsung GS3 Case

Captain America Big Shield Samsung GS3 Case

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The Captain America Big Shield Samsung GS3 Case will reinforce that Samsung Galaxy S3 of yours with the power of the First Avenger! With it, you'll be able to punch out Hitler and put Hugo Weaving in a headlock! Well, I wouldn't put Hugo Weaving into a headlock mainly because he has lots of Elf and Agent allies. You wouldn't know what you're getting involved with, you know? Durable, lightweight, and showing off Captain America's favorite shield/symbol, the Captain America Big Shield Samsung GS3 Case will also help you get that reference to the Wizard of Oz. Yeah!

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  • Sku: cellcapbgshldgs3
  • Color: Galaxy S3
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Captain America Big Shield Samsung GS3 Case

submitted 3 years ago

It look exactly like the picture but not a case, more like a skin. There is no protection for the phone it just makes your phone look super cool. I don't know how long I will use it but it doesn't work great as a case for your phone. I clicked yes to recommend to a friend, only if they want a skin for their phone not a case to protect the phone

Superherostuff.com response:

Thanks for the review although I think you would be surprised at how this case protects your phone. It's certainly not as tough as some of those big cases but it's decent protection for a snap case.

Los Angeles, CA
submitted 4 years ago

I love this case! It is as hard as Cap's Shied and holds on tight to my phone like patriotism to lady liberty's bosom. It has a rubber coating on it that won't stick to your inner pockets and is a soft and smooth as a freshly shaven solider. If you want to grace your mobile device with more freedom, this is the ticket!