Captain America Shield Magnet

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The 4 inch diameter Captain America Shield Magnet is the trademark Captain America shield and logo on a great magnet for your car! Suppose you could also put it on your military transport as it crosses the Rhine, but the Captain America Shield Magnet has not be tested against the rigors of gunfire and war-based operations(we ran out of Super Solider Serum...for magnets). Still, the Captain America Shield Magnet may protect you against the Red Skull. He never cared much for magnets anyways on account of him being Agent Smith.

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Loved the look of the magnet! I don't believe it was intended to be a car magnet. After 2 weeks, the image is peeling away from the magnet because of exposure to moisture. Hoping to seal it with contact paper to be able to use it again. I would not recommend as a car magnet. But for a fridge, it's perfect.