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You know how you can tell that it is the 21st Century and not the 1900s? Mainly because dogs have the Captain America Camo Dog Hoodie. That's really the only real progress we've made in the last 100 years. Computers, space travel, the internet...they all pale in comparison to dog-based hoodies. I think Al Gore actually invented the internet in order to provide an outlet for dog hoodies, and Marvel's Captain America defeated the Axis powers to make shipping easier. I'm pretty sure that's what happened, and makes talking about the Captain America Camo Dog Hoodie that much easier. A camo printed dog hoodie featuring a Kirby inspired Captain America, this hoodie will keep your puppy-woof-woofs warm and ever vigilant against the oppression of tyranny...and postal workers.

More Details:

  • - Color: Brown
  • - Sleeve Type: Long sleeve/Raglan
  • - Licensor: Marvel
  • - Style Attributes: Retro, Image
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