Captain America Dog Collar
Captain America Dog Collar- Unlocked View
Captain America Dog Collar- Close Up
Captain America Dog CollarCaptain America Dog Collar- Unlocked ViewCaptain America Dog Collar- Close Up

Captain America Seatbelt Dog Collar

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Check out this sturdy dog collar adorned with classic images of Captain America in action! This Cap dog collar also features a metal, seatbelt-style buckle that separates with the press of a button....that happens to be adorned with a Captain America shield symbol! Yup. This resilient, high quality dog collar is available in 2 lengths, adjustable and features a thick, metal ring for secure leash attachment. Yup, it's a Captain America dog collar. It's for...uh.....Liberty, everyone's favorite, freedom fightin' mutt. Yup.

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  • Sku: dogclrcaphero
  • Color: Blue
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Captain America Seatbelt Dog Collar

Grin Dog
Austin, TX
submitted 6 years ago

Best clip I've ever seen on a dog collar! Well placed imagery too.