$7.99 Reg.$9.99
Captain America Suit-Up Crew Socks
Captain America Suit-Up Crew Socks-Flat View
Captain America Suit-Up Crew SocksCaptain America Suit-Up Crew Socks-Flat View

Captain America Suit-Up Crew Socks

$7.99 Reg.$9.99
  • Before walking in Cap's shoes, you need to slip on Cap's socks.
  • Officially licensed Captain America socks.
  • Made from soft cotton and stretchy polyester.
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Because patriotism extends to the ankles.

Look, you're a fan of all things good and proper:

  • Apple pie (made with organic apples).

  • Hot dogs (made from organic turkey).

  • Baseball (played with organic wooden bats).

  • Super-villain pummeling with completely indestructible (and inorganic) shields bestowed by PROJECT: REBIRTH.

You adorn a patriotic, padded costume simulating Old Glory's color scheme, and sling said shield to enhance the effectiveness of said super-villain pummeling. 

Unfortunately, you're wearing steel-reinforced boots with nary a sock, and your augmented footsies are being torn to shreds while kicking landmines, tanks, Nazis, and more Nazis.

Thankfully, our Captain America Suit-Up Crew Socks should help increase comfort and support while kicking the massive and dependable implements of conventional ground warfare.

Made from a soft cotton and stretchy polyester, these stylish Captain America socks simulate Cap's super-suit with red and white stripes, and additional uniform accents like stars and head-wings.

Yes, if you're looking for Captain America socks that A) deflect mortar fire, and B) match the suit, these government-approved shin-huggers deftly fulfill the needs presented by A and B.

More Details

  • Sku: sockcapsuitupcrew
  • Color: Blue
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Costume

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Los Angeles, CA
submitted 3 months ago

Very nice feel. It is a comfortable pair. There were some threads that unraveled after the second wa

submitted 1 year ago

Found my 4th of July socks

San Diego, CA
submitted 1 year ago

Great quality and design!

Dan, SuperHeroStuff.com fan!
Montreal, Canada
submitted 1 year ago

Fit super nice! comfortable! love them! plus, they are athletic socks which i didnt knew first!