Captain America Flag Factory Second Men's Zipper Hoodie

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Five dollar hoodie? Yeah...that's right. You are seeing it correctly. Almost too good to be true about the Captain America Flag Factory Second Men's Zipper Hoodie, right? You see, these bad boys were slightly tampered with which resulted in a slight off-printing. Not too bad but apparently enough for us to sell for them for an insanely low amount!

Made from 60% cotton 40% polyester, the Captain America Flag Factory Second Men's Zipper Hoodie is a lightweight hoodie perfect for messing around. It's 10 bucks so you really can't get too upset if anything bad happens to it! Maybe you just want to stock up, eh?

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  • Color:Black
  • Sleeve Type:Long sleeve/Raglan
  • Licensor:Marvel
  • Style Attributes:Image
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Northland, MN

Size chart is accurate. I normally wear a L, but the XL in this fits perfectly. The design is *slightly* asymmetrical; as in, it is VERY difficult to notice. I think Cap's head might be off by 2-3 millimeters. No one will notice unless you zip the hoodie up and point it out. Great low-key design that's kind of perfect for this election season. Keep in mind this thing is made out of t-shirt material, though. Super-comfy, but definitely not worth $30+ for the normal version. At $10, it is an epic deal.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.