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Captain America Vintage Military Men's T-Shirt



Captain America Vintage Military Men's T-Shirt


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You don't get more military than Captain America.

Augmented by a secret military project called OPERATION: REBIRTH, Steve Rogers was forged into a super-human fighting machine.

And, as a military-made super-human, Captain America supported our armed forces as a more flexible form of heavy artillery -- he's a veritable human-sized tank capable of mashing actual tanks while carelessly sporting a milk mustache.

Made from 100% cotton, our Captain America Vintage Military Men's T-Shirt is a military green t-shirt celebrating the military origins of Captain America.

Yes, this Captain America men's t-shirt features an official looking military designation running along the top -- perhaps the official military code specifically referencing Captain America:

  • CA- Captain
  • CSS- Combat Service Support -- because he supports ground forces with tank-crippling spin-kicks!
  • 1-941- The year Captain America debuted in the pages of Captain America Comics #1!

And yep, this Cap tee features distressed, stencil-like text, military striping, and a subtle Cap shield.

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Reviews of Captain America Vintage Military Men's T-Shirt

4.5 (Based on 4 reviews)
Grouchy Old Fan
Flyover Country

I love everything about this shirt. Great fit. The retro/quasi-military look is a winner.

Submitted 11 months ago
Montreal, Canada

Makes me feel like I am Captain America while he was fighting Hydra during the Second World War!

Submitted 11 months ago
Bridget - bridy21@yahoo.com
Allentown, PA

Nice shirt but honestly I thought it would have been Army green. We were a bit disappointed.

Submitted 6 months ago
Jacksonville, FL

Great shirt. Looks good, nice fit.

Submitted 11 months ago