Daredevil Red Logo 30 Single T-Shirt
Daredevil Red Logo 30 Single T-Shirt-Close Up
Daredevil Red Logo 30 Single T-Shirt
 Daredevil Red Logo 30 Single T-Shirt - Superhero Sighting
Daredevil Red Logo 30 Single T-ShirtDaredevil Red Logo 30 Single T-Shirt-Close UpDaredevil Red Logo 30 Single T-Shirt Daredevil Red Logo 30 Single T-Shirt - Superhero Sighting

Daredevil Red Logo 30 Single T-Shirt

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The Daredevil Red Logo 30 Single T-Shirt is here just in time for you to celebrate the blind avenger's exciting, extremely well-regarded new book. It's a good time to be Matt Murdock (probably as good as it gets!). And even though Daredevil's always been a fan-favorite, he's back with a vengeance clubbing and flipping his way through a swath of bad guys with a renewed vigor. This soft, 30 single, 100% cotton, red Daredevil t-shirt is the perfect way to show you've stuck with Matt (and, heck, even Foggy for that matter) through the good times and bad. You might want to stay out of Hell's Kitchen when you wear it, though...not everyone there is a fan!

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  • Sku: tsddredlogo
  • Color: Red
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Symbol

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Reviews of Daredevil Red Logo 30 Single T-Shirt

submitted 1 year ago

A nice color and a fan's shirt. You gotta know what the "Double D" stands for.

submitted 1 year ago

A quality shirt only gripe is it fits a bit smaller than most 2x's

Misaki Senpai, Avid Collector of Socks
Kochi, Japan
submitted 2 years ago

The shirt was a little smaller than expected, this shirt was made for skinny people with a really nice figure. I don't quite have that figure. I work hard each day to keep up my bulbous figure, and this shirt could not appreciate the work that I put in. Nonetheless a pretty cool shirt for anyone who likes Daredevil.

Ryan H. frustrated consumer
Corpus Christ TX
submitted 2 years ago

When I received this shirt I was surprised at how thin the material was. I'm a big guy 6'2 250lbs so I ordered a 3XL. It was a kinda loose fit but I like how it looked on me. But after wearing it and washing and drying it just once it shrank a lot and the stitching around the bottom started to come undone. My buddy ordered a S.H.I.E.L.D. logo shirt from the some company and had similar problems as well. These "30 Single" brand shirts waist of money and are very frustrating. I've ordered other shirts even hats from here and without a single incident. Anything made by 30 Single should just be considered a cheaply made shirt not worth the money especially if you're a big man and they get to charge you extra.

Seattle, WA
submitted 3 years ago

This shirt is really comfortable and looks sharp!

san pedro, ca
submitted 3 years ago

Great shirt comforatable and great replica.

Black Adder
Miami, FL
submitted 3 years ago

Great shirt, doesn't shrink.

Foxboro, Ontario
submitted 4 years ago

People like it! *I* like it!

Rey, Comic lover
Summer Hill, NSW Australia
submitted 4 years ago

One of if not my favourite shirt! So cool and abstract enough it has either non-comic fans appreciating the mystery, or the comic fans admiring the reference to a not-so-high-profile hero (compared to your Batmans or Spider-Mans).

Perkasie, PA
submitted 4 years ago

Love this shirt! Great quality, look and feel. However, I was swayed by the other reviewers about this shirt being cut on the slim side. I for one hate tight clothes. Not a fan of slim fit, modern fit style dress shirts, etc. I like to have room to breathe and move. As for t-shirts, I usually buy XL even though I can wear a Large being a fairly fit 5' 10' 185 lb guy. Everyone said to order a size larger, so I did. Got a XXL. Too big! I'm swimming in it. No big deal though. Nothing a wash and dry set on high heat won't fix and shrink it down a bit. So if there's anyone out there like me, don't order a size larger. Other than that, I really love this shirt.

submitted 4 years ago

Great quality in terms of fabric and print! As a couple of reviews already pointed out, the sizes on this product runs a tad shorted than usual (not as much as a proper "slim fit" but still slighty tighter than your average sizes.). I'm completely satisfied, nonetheless! :)

Surprise, Az
submitted 4 years ago

Very comfortable, makes a great addition to my Red Shirt Friday collection

submitted 4 years ago

Great!!! Great!!! Great!!!! Grande!!! Grande!!!Grande!!!

Hartford, CT
submitted 5 years ago

The shirt is soft and lightweight, the logo is flexible enough that you can barely tell it's there... this is my favorite T-shirt.

Otavio Raupp
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
submitted 5 years ago

I love this shirt, I wear it al the time, but I agree that it's tight, you should go one size higher.

submitted 5 years ago

Nice athletic fit, beautiful shade of deep red. You will not be disappointed.

Louisburg, NC
submitted 5 years ago

Being a kid from the 60's Daredevil was my favorite Marvel superhero. When my boys were young I would read them old issues of Daredevil. We still enjoy seeing Marvel superhero movies. The t-shirt is perfect. I wore it during our family vacation last month and my kids loved it. It has become my favorite t-shirt.

Temple Hills, MD
submitted 5 years ago

Sometimes simplicity gets the job done. This Dare Devil shirt of his logo on his costume is awesome. Most will not know what it is unless they are a diehard comic book fan or viewed the movie several years ago. The 30 singles shirts are the best you can buy. Lightweight and vastly comfortable. A suggestion I would recommend to anyone interested is to buy 1 size bigger than you normally would,... that is unless you like your t-shirts to hug you tight. lol!

Coleman, Skywlkr
Amarillo, Texas
submitted 5 years ago

I love it..light weight and I look great in it!!

submitted 6 years ago

Be careful. It's a shirt for skinny people. So go one size above what you normally wear.

Matt - General Nerd
Norfolk, England
submitted 6 years ago

This shirt fits so well across the body. The arms are not as tight as some of my other T Shirts but I still feel better in this than anything else I own! My Favorite Shirt!

submitted 6 years ago

the shirt is cool and ordering it from this website was pretty easy

Toronto, Canada
submitted 6 years ago

I love this shirt, I am a Daredevil fan and if you have been reading Mark Waid's current Daredevil, this is the shirt for you! I bought a Large and it fits snug, but this would be because of the 30 single 100% cotton. I would still stay with the Large sizes with these shirts though.

submitted 6 years ago

This was a very nice shirt I love buying shirts from here!!

submitted 6 years ago

This is a great DareDevil tshirt, really comfy and the printing is pretty good too!

Governa SSj4
Lecce, Italy
submitted 6 years ago


submitted 6 years ago

Love this shirt

Michael Kelly
Barstow, Ca
submitted 6 years ago

This classic shirt is the envy of my posse of nerds.

Providence, ri
submitted 6 years ago

Daredevil's not known for having a cool logo, or even looking cool.. Hes pretty average looking and so is his logo.. But the same cannot be said of this awesome shirt. You cant tell online how it looks and fits, but i can tell you after wearing it for my first time today. First of all.. The red on red works really well here. The dd just pops.. It is extremely visible at first glance. Daredevil fans will be reminded of how it always seems to show up perfectly in every light setting. People who dont recognize the logo(around 99% of all people) still compliment it. Its a nice looking shirt with 2 sharp shades of red, but its understated. The fit is great and the shirt is really comfortable. I felt like i could probably jump across rooftops blindfolded. Daredevils my favorite super hero but i didnt think this would be more fun or get more compliments than a batman shirt

Juan Carlos
New York
submitted 6 years ago

really like the simple design of the shirt but people dont really know or remember Danny Devito.... lol! Dare Devil is the sh*t!!! but still is wasnt recognize that easily