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Deadpool Lapel Pin Set of 4


Deadpool Lapel Pin Set of 4


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Lapel pins that talk like a dirty sailor. 

If you have a need for Deadpool pins that probably know more curse words than your Aunt Priscilla -- who only speaks in expletives -- our Deadpool Lapel Pin Set should sate your need for said salty-mouthed set.

Featuring four metallic Deadpool pins colored in a sturdy, glossy enamel, this immaculate pin set conveys Wade's potty-mouthed demeanor in the following wonderful ways:

"DP" pin -- A red "DP" that means "Deadpool" and NOT "defecating panda." Nope, it does NOT mean the latter. Measures 1" x 1".

Deadpool head -- A red DP head with subtle white text stating "To be continued, dorks." Because he ain't got time for your jibba-jabba. Measures .75" X 1".

Deadpool symbol -- Yep. Measures 1" in diameter.

Deadpool symbol boasting his debut -- Features a Deadpool symbol encircled by his comic book debut date and his infinitely mouthed moniker, "merc with a mouth." Measures 1" in diameter.

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