Deadpool Chimichanga Truck Dorbz Ridez


Deadpool Chimichanga Truck Dorbz Ridez

Deadpool Chimichanga Truck Dorbz Ridez


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Deadpool may have bribed the FDA.

Why? Because his Chimichanga truck sells, yes, chimichangas -- but they're made from 65% unknown meat-stuff and 35% salmonella.

And yes, the menu upon said questionable food truck is certainly appealing -- I mean, who could turn down a "Burned Chimichanga" or an outright "Evil Chimichanga?" Right. No one.  

But one has to wonder about mystery foodstuff carved with katanas, and a food prep station littered with recently scalped squirrels.

Courtesy of FUNKO's DORBZ Ridez line, our Deadpool Chimichanga Truck Dorbz Ridez features a cute, compact iteration of Deadpool's food truck, and a totally indifferent (and removeable) apron-adorned Deadpool.

And since we're talking about FUNKO -- and their ridiculously cute "DORBZ" line -- this Deadpool DORBZ set features a huggable, bulbous, incredibly messy Deadpool and a cutely compacted, exquisitely detailed food truck.

  • Deadpool measures 3" high.

  • Deadpool's illegal food truck from which only the strongest animals escape measures 4" high, 3.25" wide, and 5.5" long.

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