Doctor Who Fez and Bow Tie Kit

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"Fits Small Meant To Rest On Top Of The Head"

You ever say to yourself, 'I'm going to start wearing a Fez. Fezzes are cool!" If you have, then you can join the ranks of the 11th Doctor Who and enjoy setting a new fashion trend! Time Lords are allowed to do that, and by extension you! I love how that works out. The Doctor Who Fez and Bow Tie Kit not only comes with a fancy red felt Fez but an already tied bow-tie! We wouldn't expect you to know how to tie a bow tie...heck, I can barely tie a regular tie! The Doctor Who Fez and Bow Tie Kit is made from 100% polyester and will probably stay with you when you regenerate into another personality. I would hope anyways.

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Reno, NV

Great Product, I have seen others and this is a better Red and good Quality Fez, matches Bow Tie.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Chuck Norris (AKA. God)
Heaven, CN

This is so good. The fez is sturdy and reliable and the bow tie really goes well with my limited edition Doctor Who suit. The fez is cool and really keeps your head warm in the winter months and I really blend in when I'm in Egypt. Also there really snazzy looking with what ever you have, you could even go full birthday suit and no one would notice because they would all be staring at you snazzy accesories. You will also be at the head of the fashion community, or crash and burn as a silly disgrace and most likely off yourself, but that shouldn't put you off this once in a lifetime buy. My name is Chuck Norris and I give it the ginger stamp of approval!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.