Choose Your House T-Shirt

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The 100% cotton pre-shrunk Choose Your House T-Shirt prompts a very serious question: what house are you in? And are you ready to make such a grave decision? Hm, I mean we know what happened to the last guy who did that. HE DIED. Wait what?! That was a little intense sorry about that. Unless you actually take a look at the shirt and you release it is referring to video game. In that case, it's ok if you die cause you get more than one life! YAY! So get your Choose Your House T-Shirt and ponder this at home some more! 

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Seattle, WA

This is a great shirt and it fits well. I am very happy with my purchase! The only problem I found is that some die-hard fans might be upset that House Martell (whose sigil is a sun and spear) is not featured on the design with the rest of the great houses of Westeros.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.