Green Lantern Translucent Green Belt Buckle



Green Lantern Translucent Green Belt Buckle


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I am pretty sure that this 3 inch diameter Green Lantern Belt Buckle is made of coagulated will power. What else could account for the holographic-like appearance? It is either that or this belt buckle was made by witches. Evil, evil witches. Maybe the witches are a part of this huge, epic storyline involving some new colored corps, like the Brown Lanterns or Grey Lanterns. They probably have that planned in the next 10 years anyways. Back to the point at hand, this great belt buckle features the universally recognized Green Lantern symbol! It stands for willpower, and an intrinsic order imposed by the Guardians. If you have great will power, then you have been chosen! Willpower is the central keystone in the emotional spectrum...if Guy Gardner can get a ring, any one us can!

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5.0 (Based on 1 reviews)
Burton, NB, Canada

My fave so far!!!

Submitted 2 years ago

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