Green Lantern Blue Lantern Symbol Button

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Measuring nearly 1.25" across in diameter, we have the Blue Lantern Symbol on a cute little button!  The Blue Lanterns were introduced before, and feature prominently within the pages of the greatest Green Lantern epic ever...EVAH...... The Blackest Night!  The Green Lanterns have their hands full with the emergence of other beings empowered by rings drawing from other strains of the emotional spectrum.  Thank goodness for the Blue Lanterns, empowered by the universally coalesced feelings of Hope!  Blue and Green are BFF!

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Salem, NH

I purchased this because it has a special meaning to me (my late sister, who died of cancer was named Hope), and placed it on a baseball cap that desperately needs pins/buttons. This was smaller than I expected as the photo on the page does not show the pin on a shirt or hat to show the exact size. As you can see, it's only presented with a white background. It's a great size though. The colors really pop, and I will be wearing it out for the first time next week. I am certain that those who see it will compliment me, and ask what the symbol is.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.