Green Lantern Star Flyer Button

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Green Lantern Hal Jordan was just sitting there, clocking a well-traversed space highway. Suddenly, a bright yellow and black space SUV doing 5 parsecs above light speed flew by him! Hal launched into action and ended up chasing the runaway vehicle for 3 AU. It was Arkillo, Sinestro, and Nero; the space SUV smelled faintly of Black Mercy. Those Sinestro Corps fellas have some pretty seedy connections, so Hal decided to bring them back to Oa for questioning. Thus, the Sinestro Corps War was averted and the Blackest Night never came to pass. Get this 1.25 inch diameter Green Lantern Star Flyer Button and commemorate Hal Jordan and stories that never happened. 

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  • - Color: White
  • - Licensor: DC
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