Green Lantern #60 Cover Lucite Keychain

Green Lantern #60 Cover Lucite Keychain

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You ever have a teacher you knew just wasn't right in the head? I had a teacher that docked me 10 points for a paper I handed in early for it being late, and when I complained she knocked it down another 10 points. From that point on I swore she was my mortal enemy! It never really went anywhere, perhaps it was because I graduated from that infernal place, but the point still remains the same. She was evil! I bet she was working with the weaponers of Qward. See what I did there? Description-intersect-time! Hal Jordan had a funny feeling about Sinestro, though I don't think they ever realized  their animosity for each other would have quite gotten to this point. Superman has his Lex, Batman has his Joker, and Hal Jordan has Sinestro. This 2.5 inch tall by 1.75 inch wide, lucite-plastic keychain features the Green Lantern and Sinestro engaged in an epic thumb wrestling battle. Their opposing colors are just there for added effect!

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  • Sku: keyglvssinestro
  • Color: Grey-Light
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Green Lantern #60 Cover Lucite Keychain

Oakland, CA
submitted 6 years ago

A nice little keychain for the Green Lantern fans out there. It's size helps distinguish it from other items in your pocket so it also helps you find your keys faster. I was satisfied with the purchase so there's not much else to say.