GOTG Groot Loungefly Crossbody Handbag with Charm


GOTG Groot Loungefly Crossbody Handbag with Charm


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Why you should NEVER feel guilty about using a sentient tree-person's hollowed-out head for a purse.

Because the sentient tree-person in question -- yes, Groot -- doesn't actually have a brain in the conventional sense, and he/she/it, after sacrificing said head, will simply grow another.

So, never fear -- your GOTG Groot Loungefly Crossbody Handbag with Charm is a humanely crafted handbag featuring one of many carefully removed Groot heads packed with Groot's infectious, positive demeanor.

Let's break it down:
The exterior!

  • Groot's wide eyes and big smile rendered in raised, carefully stitched appliques and elevated embroidery!

  • Leather-like exterior with colored indentations mimicking Groot's bark-flesh!

  • A metallic, rectangular "MARVEL" badge.

  • Two stitched handles with brushed, bronze-colored hinges.

  • Adjustable crossbody strap.

  • Zip-up closure by way of brushed, bronze-colored zipper.

  • A dangling, leather-like word balloon denoted with the words "I AM GROOT," and the Guardians of the Galaxy logo.

The interior!

  • A soft, light-brown lining slathered with several iterations of "I AM GROOT."

  • A zip-up pocket along said lining.

More awesome details regarding your new Groot handbag!

  • Made from faux leather.
  • Measures 9" across, 8.75" high, 2" deep.

More Details

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  • Guardians of the Galaxy,
  • Groot
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  • Accessories,
  • Bags & Backpacks
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