Halo 3 Covenant Energy Sword PVC Keychain

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Measuring 3" long, this PVC plastic keychain is rendered in the form of the Energy Sword weapon used by the ultimate enemy of humanity, the Covenant!  Yes, this is the weapon that made your HALO 3 experience....humbling.

When Master Chief and I dropped down on a Covenant settlement on.....hmmm...I think it was one of the twin planet chains in the Nimbus system....Anyway, they dropped us right in the ####, you get me?  We were in the biggest pile of Covenant stink I ever laid eyes on and....let's just say our squad of 15 was down to about 5 in less than 7 minutes.  Bad news delivered to a lot of parents on that day, let me tell you.  And this weapon?  This Covenant Energy Sword?  The one you punks are selling as a freakin' keychain?  This thing killed a lot of good men.  I'm so glad our struggle for survival is revered through ####ing commerce!!!!!!!  AHHHH!

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