HALO Frag Grenade PVC Keychain

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Come on now, let's not BLOW things out of proportion! Sure, we have to fight the Covenant and the Flood, but at least we have some of the best toys. Well, I suppose the Covenant has the best toys with that groovy energy blade and Needler, but us humans have the Warthog! Vroom, Vroom! Oh yeah, and genetically enhanced super soldiers. Can't forget about them. You know what those soldiers carry with em, right? GRENADES! They really are quite simple. You pull the pin and chuck...even a kid can do it! Not that I advise trying that out, but it gets the point across. A kid wouldn't need this rugged PVC HALO Frag Grenade PVC Keychain either. Kids don't mix well with automobiles and explosives.

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