Harley Quinn Logo Women's Slip On Sneakers


Harley Quinn Logo Women's Slip On Sneakers


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Because Harley doesn't have time for laces.

Look, she has, like, thigh-high boots with 30-foot laces that take AT LEAST fifteen minutes to tie properly and securely. 

She also utilizes a series of ties to secure victims to train tracks, and her Harlequin-dressed Dachshunds to various posts while securing various victims to train tracks.

So, she needs new sneakers sporting her red and black Harlequin aesthetic. And, she would prefer to adorn them with very little effort.

Enter: the Harley Quinn Logo Women's Slip On Sneakers.

Made from a soft faux-canvas, these stylish Harley Quinn sneakers continue Harley's familiar costume aesthetic with inverting black and red material, and those dependable diamond clusters.

With stretchy tongues for easy foot insertion, these trendy Harley kicks feature thick white soles and studded traction patterns.

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