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Harley Quinn Kawaii Women's Low-Cut Sock 2 Pack



Harley Quinn Kawaii Women's Low-Cut Sock 2 Pack


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We're okay with crazy, as long as it's cute.

And Harley Quinn exemplifies our strange ability to overlook blatant, unapologetic psychosis that usually boasts a body count.

Because she's just the nuttiest, kookiest wack-a-doodle this side of the Gotham Harbor, and she conveys said insanity with wide eyes, a big smile, and the cutest Harlequin-inspired costumery imaginable.

Our EXCLUSIVE Harley Quinn Kawaii Women's Low-Cut Sock 2 Pack conveys Harley's seductive, titillating cuteness with 2 socks bearing familiar costume accents and ridiculously adorable Harley heads.

Let's break it down:

Pair #1:
Red Harley Quinn socks with black highlights along the toes, heels, and ankles -- they feature her characteristic diamond clusters.

Pair #1: Huggable, floating iterations of Harley's beguiling cranium.

The Japanese term describing this type of compact, overwhelming cuteness is "kawaii." 

Perfect for wearing or wrapping around an especially cold mallet handle, these Harley Quinn socks for women are... perfect. Just perfect.

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Very nice and comfortable too!

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