Inhumans Lockjaw Whoof! Men's T-Shirt



Inhumans Lockjaw Whoof! Men's T-Shirt


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Rub his belly to initiate teleportation!

Lockjaw, the Inhumans' bulldog altered by the DNA-altering Terrigen Mist, was crowned with a tuning fork, enabling him to teleport great distances with the slightest inclination.

So, if you toss a stick into the Crab Nebula, Lockjaw will immediately teleport himself to its location (he's apparently prescient as well), "fetch" the object, and return it to whichever Inhuman thought it clever to throw a stick at the Crab Nebula. 

Made from 100% cotton, this black t-shirt features an image of Lockjaw seconds after teleporting somewhere within the Milky Way Galaxy.

Because someone -- that "someone" being Maximus the Mad -- threw another stick.

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Reviews of Inhumans Lockjaw Whoof! Men's T-Shirt

5.0 (Based on 2 reviews)
Mr. Doctor
Whittier, CA

Even if you didn't care for the recent Inhumans show, this shirt is awesome, and true to size.

Submitted 2 years ago
Seattle, WA

Lockjaw on the Infinity Gem hunt!

Submitted 2 years ago

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