Iron Man Armor Seatbelt Belt Unbuckled
Iron Man Armor Seatbelt Belt Front
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Iron Man Armor Seatbelt Belt UnbuckledIron Man Armor Seatbelt Belt FrontIron Man Armor Seatbelt Belt Close Up

Iron Man Armor Seatbelt Belt

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Made from many of the same materials used in, not by coincidence, seatbelts, this Iron Man seatbelt belt features an adjustable, resilient belt adorned with classic images of Iron Man positioned in so many intimidating..uh...positions! And Look! There's his especially determined, intelligent-metal cranium cut with a scowl, layering the press-button release! That's right, press the button within the metal buckle and...the belt separates! Like a seatbelt! Except....after opening you don't immediately run from your father who's been threatening to stop the car since you called your sister's technology, "Poop-tech." Ahem. Anyway, this is an adjustable, Iron Man seat-belt belt thing that you must own if you consider yourself a fan of Iron Man! Or...especially secure pants!

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  • Sku: beltironarmstblt
  • Color: Yellow
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Iron Man Armor Seatbelt Belt

Anthony, Swagalicous Ironman Fan
submitted 5 years ago

Its awesome! Much easier to go to the bathroom cuz you just click the button! It is easy to adjust and easily fits my waist size 28" and it can easily fit my dad 36". It is very comfortable and durable, and the button in the middle is coated with nice glossy wax type stuff that acts like memory foamish. If you try to press your fingernail into the gloss it leaves a mark and within seconds it grows back and you dont even remember where it was and then you cant even see it! So it protects the iron man graphic well and is very cool looking. The belt it self snaps on just like a seatbelt. The material of the belt is very durable and easy to slide through and out the loops and overall looks sweet! If you dont have this belt, you are missing out my friend! GET THIS BELT NOW!!!! You wont regret it!