Iron Man Helmet Head Foil T-Shirt

Iron Man T-Shirt Helmet Head Foil

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This is a black Iron Man t-shirt with a red and gold foil screen printed image of Iron Man's Freakin' Head! Ol' Helmet Head ... you know why he painted the suit red and gold? For the chicks. No kidding. Remember when... hell you never read a comic book in your life, but ... IN THE BEGINNING.. in "Tales of Suspense #39" which came out in March 1963, the Iron Man cover showed Tony grabbing pieces of his bulky grey armor, with the catch line, "He Lives! He Walks! He Conquers!" When Iron Man returned in Tales of Suspense #40, Stark realized that Iron Man's original armor struck fear into his enemies, but it also scared the crap out of the single women and their stinky, squaking brood. Many of these women we're too hot to not justify making a change in the Iron Man armor. So... Stark made the brilliant PR/Swinger move of painting his armor gold. He coatied every single part with untarnishable gold paint, now making Iron Man look like a true superhero, a shining knight in armor.

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  • Sku: tsironfoilhlmt
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel

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