Joker DC Originals Car Decal

Joker DC Originals Car Decal

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I never knew you could cram so much crazy into a 5 inch tall by 3.25 inch wide Joker DC Originals Car Decal! I suppose DC Comics' Clown Prince of Crime has that effect on things. I once saw a Joker inspired fortune cookie make somebody think they were a space narwhal. Imagine what the Joker DC Originals Car Decal on your car would do! The Joker DC Originals Car Decal shows off an image of the Dark Knight's great foil about to go Super Saiyan...I mean super crazy! He's charging up by my guess. The Joker DC Originals Car Decal has a power level of over 9,000!

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  • Sku: cardclorgjkr
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Gift Bag

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Reviews of Joker DC Originals Car Decal

Ruby Merchant
submitted 4 years ago

Is THE JOKER on the loose?Gosh,everyman for himself!!It´s been said that he´s capable of anything doable for just making you smile to death or what´s worse to make a fool of you so that he can be entertained with something.Is not good enough to be toying with you on one hand and on the other hand your head on a silver plate?,he´s a jack of all traits and when it comes to fixing any sort of problems even the rear of your car might come in handy to magnify his own ego coz he has a pretty different concept of entertaining,unlike you and me he loves laughing everything off and I hope the back of your car is not on his list,for your own sake stick it onto your car before he makes the first move,better safe than sorry……or THE JOKER WILL WASH HIS HANDS WITH YOUR …….and which limb will be next??