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Joker & Harley Galaxy S5 Thinshield Case

Joker & Harley Galaxy S5 Black Thinshield Case

$7.99 Reg.$29.99
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We know you are a big fan of the twisted romance between Joker and Harley. You can't get enough of their mischievous ways. And we can't either ! Which is why we love this Joker & Harley Galaxy S5 Black Thinshield Case for Samsung galaxies! Not only can you geek out to your cellphone case but it may deter any possible thieving of your phone. They see the case and they realize you may just be a psycho path who likes to watch things burn and so alas your phone is left unscathed. Or you just really like the look of the Joker & Harley Galaxy S5 Black Thinshield Case... which is awesome.... 

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  • Sku: celljkrhrlys5
  • Color: Galaxy S5
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Joker & Harley Galaxy S5 Black Thinshield Case

Ontario, OR
submitted 3 years ago

I'm an artist and I've been drawing a lot of joker and Harley Quinn, I hated the covers out there for the S5 until I found his website and saw this cover. I was worried at first because I never ordered from this company before but after I thought about it I went ahead and bought it anyways. The shipping was fast and when it came in, it looked even better in person, it fits my phone perfectly and it's easy to put on and take off. So many other people think it's such a cool cover. I am very happy with it and plan to order more things from this company.