Joker Detective #880 Cover Magnet
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Joker Detective #880 Cover Magnet

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The Joker Detective #880 Cover Magnet shows a startling image of the Clown Prince of Crime as drawn by Jock in the pre-New 52 Detective Comics series.

The highly praised run by Jock and writer Scott Snyder featured many such striking images, but this cover ranks high among them in terms of creepiness. And the interior of the comic is just as chilling, as the Joker (who sees right through Dick Grayson's Batman) is on the loose while (most of) the Gordons quake with fear.

Position this 3.5" high by 2.5" wide Joker magnet at the right spot on your fridge and it's sure to discourage anyone from stealing your milk.

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  • Sku: magjokdtc880cvr
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Gift Bag

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submitted 4 years ago

Great quality, with good holding power.