DC Villains Bad Decisions T-Shirt
DC Villains Bad Decisions T-Shirt- Close Up
DC Villains Bad Decisions T-ShirtDC Villains Bad Decisions T-Shirt- Close Up

DC Villains Bad Decisions T-Shirt

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This DC Villains Bad Decisions T-Shirt features three villains from Gotham City: Two-Face, Joker, and Harley Quinn. The triumvirate of terror are looking positively giddy on this soft, 100% cotton, grey t-shirt bearing the words "Lets Make Bad Decisions"! And they're clearly reveling in that here, AND taking a break from harassing poor Batman, as mean ol' Harv gleefully flips his trusty coin (that's the way to make a decision Two-Face!), Joker merrily swings his cane our way and Harley...well, Harley just looks happy to be in Mr. J's presence. Ask her about bad decisions! Actually, scratch that...she'll probably tell you she's never made one. Just remember - we cannot be held responsible for what happens when you flip your own coin while wearing your DC Villains Bad Decisions T-Shirt!

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  • Color: Grey-Dark
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
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Reviews of DC Villains Bad Decisions T-Shirt

submitted 5 years ago

These are the most recognizable villains who make violent decisions for *funsies* rather than telling themselves it's a real cause. Chaos is their hobby, and Two-Face is included in that idea, with the flip of a coin. Ivy is in it for her 'babies', and before a precious flower was threatened was simply Pamela Isely. The Scarecrow lies to himself that it's about science. For Riddler, it's about intelligence. Hatter has his 'Alice's. These are the characters who make sense on this shirt... (This shirt, which I *would* own, if it were available in a reasonable size lol.)

Whipsmart McCoy
submitted 5 years ago

The addition of Two Face to the shirt is a bit unnecessary, as it would be better as just a Joker and Harley thing. I mean hey, if you needed another villain even Poison Ivy would have been a better choice as at least she is involved more directly with J&H. Nonetheless, my geek rant aside, it's still an amazing shirt.